Signs Of Tires Going Bad…

It is not very hard to take care of your car, but you need to give a bit of effort. Though each car has a manual, most of us do not want to read this manual and as a result they do not know even when it is time to replace the tires. Car tires are safety issue for you and the people around you, from the N.H.T.S.A report, around 400 deaths occur per year due to tire failures. To gauge when you should consider changing your tires keep a few things in mind.

Look at on the tread pattern of the tires. All the tires sold in the world normally have tread wear bars. These are little bars that looks like bridges between the treads. Look at the trade pattern and see the condition of the bars. If these bars are level or even in sizes, it is the perfect time to change the tires. The primary function of tire’s tread is to redirect water from below the tire to improve grip and avoid hydroplaning on wet streets. When the tires are worn, they become unsafe and if the tires tread is down to 1.6 mm, the tires should be changed.

For tires safety issue you may use tread depth indicator or a gauge. If you have no gauge, don’t be worried. You may purchase a depth gauge from the nearest automobile parts market. If you are unable to use a gauge you may ask to the workers in the garage to assist you.

Now take a look in an interesting method. This method is known as penny test method. You just need a penny for this interesting test. Take a penny and place it at the center of thickest part of the tire facing the Lincoln as up side down. If you see the top of Lincoln’s head or the copper over tread, it is time to change tires as soon as possible. If you see the Lincoln’s hair on the top of his head is slightly visible, replace the tire immediately. If you unable to see the hair on the top of the head, it is not needed to change the tires.

You should take notes of any irregular tread wear. These could cause wheel misalignment and the rotation of your tires may be disturbed. If you notice the wears of tires are uneven, you have might bring your car to servicing. It may be a superior idea to rotate car’s tires from front to rear in pairs.

After several years of using your car you will able to find the proper timing of changing the tires by only a single look on them. For more details you may check the car’s manual. If you do not know the replacement time, change the tires after every six years and do not use any tire after ten years. So replace the tires in proper time and have safe journeys.

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