Does Car Alarm Protect Your Car?

Purchasing a car is a large investment, so it’s understandable that you’d want it to be well protected from theft and vandalism. Car alarms can give an extra measure of security by alerting people nearby to the potential crime in progress, and potentially scaring away the offender. However this is not the only security measure that you should have in place to protect your car, as it does have some pitfalls that should be compensated for with other methods. Before you buy a car make sure to ask what types of systems are installed that will help in keeping your car as safe from crime as possible. Newer cars will sometimes already have certain security measures in place that you will want to familiarize yourself with.

While there are different brands, models, and types of car alarms – they often share a lot of common features. Most of the time when the alarm is triggered the car’s lights will flash and a loud sound will start, usually a horn or beep that can be heard very well in the surrounding area. There are also some newer types that can alert the owner to an attempted break-in by alerting them via cell phone or pager. A problem however is how easily the alarm is usually triggered, making it extremely common for people to accidently set off their own alarms. This may cause people to ignore the sound of the alarm and brush it off as someone having accidently set it off. So while a car alarm can protect your vehicle from being stolen or broken into, it should not be the only protective measure that you employ.

Some basic ways to make sure your car is not stolen or broken into are rather old, but still viable. Things like always making sure your car doors are locked and rolling your windows up when not inside can help deter vandalism. While these will not stop a determined thief, they may stop those who are looking for a quick joyride in a car that is not theirs. Also make sure to take any valuables out of the car when locking up for the night or to make sure they are not visible to someone looking inside the windows. Try to always park in well lit areas and keep your car inside a locked garage at night. These preventative steps can go a long way in helping to supplement your other security measures.

A good alternative or supplement to a car alarm would be something called an immobilizer. They can be either electronic or mechanical. The electronic systems prevent hot wiring by requiring the right key (which will contain a microcircuit) in order to start. This makes the security feature inconspicuous. The mechanical systems are usually extremely noticeable and include things like ‘The Club’ which locks across the steering wheel and various wheel locks that attach to your front wheels. While these devices prevent the theft of the car by making it so the perpetrator cannot drive away, it does not prevent items or parts from the car being stolen, and so should be used together with other measures.

Taking the appropriate steps towards keeping your car safe involve being knowledgeable about the options available to you. Make sure that you keep up with any maintenance they may require, as any system is liable to degrade or become outdated over time. Older cars should be outfitted with newer security measures and kept up to date as well. Investing in a car alarm and other safety measures is investing in peace of mind.

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